Building Permits
Q: What Contractor information should be included in all building permits and most zoning permits?

A: All building permits and most zoning permits should include:

  • Current proof of insurance. 
  • Copy of current PA Contractor’s License card.
  • Current Westtown Township Plumber’s License is required for plumbers.
Q: Are general contractors required to provide contractor information for all of their sub-contractors if applying for one permit for entire project?

A: Yes. Each sub-contractor must provide the same information as the general contractor.  See the above question for those documents.

Q: How many copies of drawings, sketches, and other reference materials are needed for Plan Review?

A: Residential applications require two sets.

*In certain cases, Engineered drawings may be required. Please check with Building Code Official before submitting permit applications.

Commercial applications require three sets of engineered drawings with every permit application unless the Building Code Official approves otherwise.

Q: Are Homeowners required to sign all permit applications?

A: As legal property owners, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for all costs associated with their property, including permits pulled by Representatives on their behalf.  The homeowner’s signature on the application acknowledges that they are aware of the permit application submittal.

Q: What if Homeowner can’t sign permit application?

A: Depending on the circumstances, the Township will accept the Contractor’s proposal/estimate/quote that has been signed by the Homeowner.  Please contact the Township if there is an issue with obtaining the homeowner’s signature.

Q: What if residential or commercial property is owned by a company rather than an individual?

A: An Authorization letter must be issued on company letterhead that contains representative’s printed name, company title, and primary contact number.  The Fee Responsibility Form must be filled out and signed by this Representative.

Q: Where can I find voting information?

A: Please call Chester County Voter Services at 610.344.6410 or visit

Q: Who do I contact before I dig on my property?

A: Call PA One Call (dial 8-1-1) at least three days before you dig on your property.  For more information visit

On Lot Sewage Management Program
Q: Am I required to have my septic tank(s) pumped at the time of inspection?

A: You do not have to pump your tank at the time of the inspection, although it is highly recommended. When the tank is pumped, the Chester County Health Department licensed liquid waste hauler will be able to observe and record information required on the SMP Routine Inspection Report. 


Q: Will the township make me replace my septic system?

A: Westtown Township will not require any resident to replace a septic system. If the Township is made aware of an issue that could adversely impact the health and safety of our community, a modified pumping scheduled may be required to address the related condition.


Q: How often must I have my septic system inspected?

A: Your septic system is required to be inspected at least once every 3 years. An inspection resulting from a real estate transaction cannot be accepted unless it is on a Westtown Township On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Inspection Report Form available here: SMP Routine Inspection Report


Q: How often do I have to pump my septic system?

A: All septic systems in Westtown Township must be pumped at least once every three years. If you pump more frequently, remember to forward a copy of your pumping receipt to the Township.


Q: How can I determine if a certain company is certified to inspect my septic system?

A: To see the most current list of certified inspectors, please click here:

Q: Is public sewer coming to the Township?

A: Currently, there are no plans to extend public sewer infrastructure to any areas of the Township.

Q: Can I connect to the public sewer system?

A: Some properties that may be in close proximity to sewer infrastructure that utilizes gravity may be able to connect to the sewer public system.  Westtown Township does not permit any building sewer line to be connected to a force main sewer line.

Trash & Recycling
Q: When is bulk pickup day?

A: Our hauler will collect up to 3 bulk items on the last collection day of each month.

Q: How do I dispose of medicines and prescription drugs?

A: There is a Medication Return Collection Box in the lobby of the WEGO police station, 1041 Wilmington Pike.  Residents can safely dispose of unwanted or expired medication M-F from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Q: How do I contact the Township's trash and recycling hauler?

A: To ask questions, lodge a complaint, or to arrange a special pickup, you may contact the Township’s trash hauler (A. J. Blosenski) directly by calling 800-343-6583.

Q: Can I put yard waste in my regular trash?

A: No.  Yard waste put out with regular trash will not be removed by the hauler.  Yard waste is collected once a month.  2017 Yard waste collection dates are on Saturdays: January 14, February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 8, August 5, September 9, October 7, November 4, November 18, and December 2.

Roads & Public Works
Q: A street sign or traffic signal needs repair, or a hazardous condition exists along a road, who do I call?

A: Call the Township office at 610.692.1930 and provide detailed information as to type of problem and exact location.  These repairs are a priority.

Q: What is the size of the road network in Westtown Township?

A: The Westtown Township road network consists of approximately 56 miles of asphalt roads, 93 cul-de-sacs, 12 traffic signals, 1020 stormwater inlets, and 1050 street signs.

Q: Who removes dead deer along roads and on private property?

A: The Pennsylvania Game Commission is responsible for deer removal.  Please call 610.926.1966.  For deer on a state road, call PennDOT at 484.340.3201.   It is illegal for the Township to remove deer.

Q: Who do I contact to report a problem on a State road?

A: To report a pothole or other issue with a State road, call 610.340.3201.  The Township does not maintain State roads.

Q: Sometimes I see markings on the street or shoulder. What do these temporary colored markings signify?

A: These markings are used to indicate underground utilities. The standard color codes are provided below:

  • WHITE Proposed Excavation
  • PINK Temporary Survey Markings
  • RED Electric power lines, cables, and conduit
  • YELLOW Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials
  • ORANGE Communication, alarm, or traffic signal Lines
  • BLUE Potable Water
  • PURPLE Reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines
  • GREEN Sewer and drain lines
Q: Who do I contact before I dig on my property?

A: Call PA One Call (dial 8-1-1) at least three days before you dig on your property.  For more information visit

Q: Where is the proper location for my mailbox?

A: The United States Postal Service guidelines should be used when installing your mailbox.  They can be found at this link: USPS mailbox guidelines.

Resale Use & Occupancy Certificate
Q: I am selling my property. Do I need a Use and Occupancy (U&O) inspection?

A: Yes. All properties that are transferred in Westtown Township are required to obtain a U&O before transfer.

Q: Is a U&O inspection a home inspection?

A: No. The purpose of an U&O inspection is to ensure that all homes in Westtown Township meet a minimum safety standards upon transfer.

Q: What will be looked at during a U&O inspection?

A: A complete list of inspection criteria is available on the second page of the U&O application located here: Residential Resale CO Application.

Q: My house was built without all of the items that will be inspected during the U&O. Am I grandfathered in?

A: No.  All properties, regardless of their age must be brought up to current code prior to transferring.  The majority of items inspected during the U&O will not require major alterations.

Q: What if my property does not pass the U&O inspection?

A: The homeowner will be required to address the deficiencies and schedule a re-inspection with the Township.  A re-inspection fee is required.

Q: Will I need a building permit to address any items on the U&O inspection?

A: In most cases, no.  However, if you have questions about what may or may not require a permit, please contact the Township office.

Stormwater Management
Q: The stormwater inlet infront of my home is covered with debris, what should I do?

A: The majority of debris that covers stormwater inlets is generated by leaves and grass clippings from residential yards.  Please consider doing your part for the community by clearing the obstruction as part of routine property maintenance.

Utility Billing
Q: When are utility bills mailed?

A: Utilities (Trash and Sewer) are mailed quarterly in January, April, July and October and are due the 15th of the second month of the quarter (February 15th, May 15th, August 15th and November 15th).

Q: I sold my property, what should I do with the utility bill?

A: Because we do not always get notification of property transfers before the utility bills are mailed, we may not have the new owner’s name or mailing address. Please return the bill to the Township Office stating that you no longer own the property and include the new owner’s name, if you know it.

Q: Are water and sewer provided by Westtown Township?

A: The Township provides public sewer in some areas. Contact the Township for more information. Aqua provides water service to all areas which are not served by onsite wells.

Q: What happens if my utility bill payment is late?

A: If paid after the 15th day of the second month of the calendar quarter for which the service is billed, a 5% penalty will be added to the face amount of the bill.

Q: What happens if I do not pay my utility bill?

A: If utility bills become two quarters past due, the account will be turned over to our solicitor, Portnoff Law Associates, for collection. This will result in additional legal fees and penalties with the potential of a lien on the property.

Q: Does my mortgage company escrow for the utility bills?

A: Most mortgage companies do not pay utility bills from your escrow account. This is a utility, not a tax.

Q: My name and/or mailing address have changed and I did not get a bill. What should I do?

A: It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the Township Office with any changes and request a duplicate bill be sent to the new address. Failure to receive a bill does not forgive your utility account.  Bills are mailed to the last known address for each property.

Q: The property I own is a rental property. Can I have the utility bills sent to the renters?

A: Notify the Township in writing that you wish to have the bills mailed directly to the renters. By doing so, you as the owner of record, are still responsible if the renter defaults.

Q: Do I need a permit to install a fence?

A: All new fencing that is greater than 40 feet in length requires a permit.  A link to the Township fence permit and ordinance can be found here: Fence Permit application

Q: Do I need a permit to install a shed?

A: All sheds less than 250 square feet in area require only a zoning permit and all those greater than 250 square feet require a building permit.  A link to the Township shed permit application can be found here: Pool-Shed-Permit-Application

Q: Can I temporarily place a dumpster on the street or within the right-of way?

A: All dumpsters utilized privately by residents for any purpose cannot be located within any public street or right-of-way.

Q: What are the noise restrictions in the Township?

A: Noise in the Township is regulated under §170-1515 of the Township Zoning Ordinance. Noise standards apply to specified uses and properties within the Township, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., plus all day Sunday and legal holidays. Development agreements associated with approved land development projects may place further restrictions on noise impacts.

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