Parks & Recreation

This page contains information on Westtown’s Parks and Recreation facilities, policies, and upcoming events. Information on renting the park pavilions, fire circle (Scout use only), and multi-purpose field is provided below. For information on hosting an event at the historic Oakbourne Mansion please visit

Please call the Township Office at 610.692.1930 or email with any questions.

Township Parks

Township parks are open to the public from sunrise to sunset.  Parties of ten (10) or more people using the pavilions, grounds, or athletic fields must be registered with the Township.  Mountain biking, motorized vehicles, hunting, and metal detecting are prohibited in Township parks and open space.  Plant and animal wildlife are not to be removed from the parks or open space.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, except by special permit.

Oakbourne Park: 1014 South Concord Road, West Chester 19382

Facilities: Historic Oakbourne Mansion (available for lease); 44′ x 28′ pavilion with grills, electricity, and 16 tables (can be reserved); 2 tennis courts; basketball court; general purpose field; baseball and soccer fields; playground equipment; pond; trail system; portable toilets; community garden plots (can be purchased).

Tyson Park: 901 Oakbourne Road, West Chester 19382
(at Tyson Drive & Oakbourne Road)

Facilities: Open space with interpretive bioswale and rain garden; 28′ x 16′ pavilion with grills and 3 picnic tables (can be reserved); playground equipment.

Larchbourne Park: 119 Larchwood Road

Facilities: Open space & swings.

Trails & Open Space:
Oakbourne Park –  Oakbourne Park Trail Map
Plumly Farm Open Space (accessible between 1023 & 1025 Ashley Rd)
Edgewood Chase Open Space (accessible between 1654 & 1656 Musket Ln)
South Penn Open Space (South of Penn Wood Elem. School)

Applications for Park Pavilion Use

($50 for Westtown residents, $75 for non-residents):

Fire Circle Use

The fire circle at Oakbourne Park is available for scout use only.  If your pack or troop only requires use of the fire circle, use the application below.  If pavilion use is requested in addition to the fire circle, then please use the Oakbourne Pavilion Application provided above.

Tennis Court Keys

Keys to the Oakbourne Park tennis courts may be purchased at the township building.  The fee is $20 for residents and $35 for non-residents.

Field Use Permit

The upper field at Oakbourne Park, located between Gaudenzia House and the Mansion, is available for all purpose use.

Field Use Application

yard sale pic

Want To Get Involved?

The Parks & Recreation commission consists of seven residents, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Their mission is to plan and provide activities and events for the Township and surrounding community, and to work with the Board to improve the use and operation of Township parks and open space. Please email if you are interested in helping with any events.


The Tyson Park Bioswale Project was funded through a Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP) grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The intent of the project is to expand the existing wetlands area through earthwork and wetland plantings to improve water quality of the Goose Creek watershed, improve consistency with the Pennsylvania Best Management Practices (PaBMP) Manual of the wetlands area, and to create a demonstration site for the community. The Environmental Protection Agency addressed the total phosphorus and organic enrichment impairments present in Goose Creek, and established a total phosphorus TMDL for this stream, which Westtown Township is responsible for attaining as part of its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. The project is anticipated to reduce the annual pollutant loads of Phosphorus by 85% for the contributing drainage area, resulting in over 83 pounds annually removed from the Goose Creek Watershed. For more information, click on the links below.

Tyson Park Bioswale sign
Tyson Park Bioswale detail


2014 Open Space Plan Update with maps

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