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Mark Gross, Director of Public Works – mgross@westtown.org

Public Works Department monthly report: 2017-02 Road Report

Summer Seasonal Employment Opportunity (May – September):

The Public Works department is seeking several responsible and energetic people for mowing and landscaping, road work, and building maintenance.  Applicants must be over 18 and have a valid driver’s license.  If interested, please visit the township building for an application or download the application here:  Westtown Twp Application.  The application may be emailed to pcoleman@westtown.org.

Mailbox Policy:

The Township is not responsible for mailbox replacement or repair caused by snow and slush coming off the plow.  The Township will however, replace a mailbox/post that was physically hit by a plow truck, provided the mailbox was properly located beyond the curb or edge of road. Replacement will be a standard mailbox up to $20 and/or a standard wood mailbox post up to $30 in value.

Snow Removal Procedures:

The following is a general overview of Westtown Township’s snow plowing procedures:

Salting operations begin at a coating of snow/ice, and continue until all roads are treated. It is important to salt at the beginning of a storm to keep the snow and ice from bonding with the paved surface, making it difficult to remove.  Plowing begins after approximately 2 inches of snow has accumulated on the road surface. Plowing is ongoing for the duration of the storm with priority given to higher volume roads, then working back into neighborhoods.

At the completion of a storm, the sectors will be plowed to open up areas. Depending on the severity of the snow/ice event, this may take up to 6 hours after precipitation has stopped. The plows will typically make one pass as close as possible to the edge of pavement. To avoid having your driveway plowed shut, leave the last 10 feet of your driveway unshoveled until the plows are finished. Another method is to shovel 15 feet of the shoulder to the right of your driveway. That will allow a snowplow full of snow to unload and deposit the snow before it reaches your driveway.

Tips for homeowners:

The Township has 93 cul-de-sacs, which present challenges to snow removal.  Driveway openings, mailboxes, and storm water drains limit where the snow can be pushed. Cars parked in cul-de-sacs exacerbate this problem.  Due to these constraints, as well as concern for private property and safety of the plowing crew, the Township will not plow cul-de-sacs with cars in them.

Do not push snow from your driveway onto the roadway. This creates a hazardous situation, and the homeowner may be held responsible for accidents resulting from snow placed in the road from your driveway.

When possible, eliminate snow piles at the end of your driveway which block visibility. Large piles of snow will obstruct your vision and make it difficult for oncoming motorists to see you exiting, or small children playing in the driveway.

Jacqueline Drive Traffic Calming 

The engineer’s summary of the traffic calming measures can be viewed here:

Jacqueline Drive Post Implementation Memo

2016 Road Maintenance Project

The roads listed below were resurfaced in 2016.

Road Section Width (ft) Length (ft) Curb (ft)
Woodland Road Full Length 17 2950
W. Lynn Drive Full Length 22 1975
Charles Road Full Length 20 550
Coventry Lane Full Length 17 2700
S. Garden Circle Full Length 18 1290
Garden Circle Full Length 18 1900
Kimberly Lane Full Length 25 2120
Jennifer Lane Full Length 25 585
Louise Lane Full Length 22 550
Blenheim Road Full Length 20 1275
Dalmally Drive Partial 28 595
Fielding Drive Partial 20 1975
Piedmont Road Partial 29 1975
Diane Drive Partial 21 325
Powderhorn Drive Partial 20 2750
Edgewood Chase Drive Full 20 2400
Woodstock Lane (alternate) Partial 20 1200
Carlyle Road (alternate) Partial 20 1150

State Owned and Maintained Roads in Westtown Township:

Note: To report potholes or other problems on state roads, please call 484.340.3201.

Road Section
Route 3 – West Chester Pike Entire Length
Route 202 – Wilmington Pike Entire Length
Route 352 – North/South Chester Road Entire Length (N/S changes at RT 3)
Route 926 – Street Road Entire Length
Westtown Road Entire Length
Oakbourne Rd. 202 to S. Concord (corner of Park)
S. Concord Rd. Oakbourne to Westbourne (front of Oak. Park)
Westbourne Rd. Entire Length

Useful links:

For traffic conditions and alerts state wide, including weather, special events, construction, and road closures visit: www.511pa.com

Westtown area public transportation: www.tmacc.org/transit-schedules/sccoot/

To determine the municipality in which a road is located, visit the Chester County Road Index at http://roadindex.chesco.org/roadindex/

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