2013 Sewer Rate Increase

On December 17, 2012, the Board of Supervisors adopted the following amendment to the Sewer Ordinance.

Ordinance 2012-6 Sewer Rate Increase

Effective January 1, 2013, residential quarterly rates are as follows:

District 1 $200
District 2 $175
District 3 $200
District 4 $175
WTCC $185

Act 537 Special Study  

The final draft of the Act 537 Plan Special Study for the West Wynn I area to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection can be reviewed here West Wynn I Area – Act 537 Special Study  

Special Study Public Notice West Wynn Special Study Public Notice

Chester County Planning Commission letter CCPC letter re West Wynn I Study

 On-Lot Management Ordinance

The On-Lot Management Ordinance can be viewed here: 2013-3 On-Lot Management.  All other On-Lot Management Program information can be accessed on the On-lot Sewage Management page.  

ACT 537 – DEP Response

A letter from DEP in response to our September, 2012 Act 537 submission and supplemental information submitted in December, 2012 and April, 2013 Act 537 was received by the Township on June 11, 2013.

DEP Response to Act 537 Plan 2013-06-07

Previous communication from DEP is provided below:

DEP April 3 2013 Act 537  


DEP Chapter 94 Report for 2014

2014 Chapt. 94 section 1 – WGSA

Ch 94 Report Map


September 2012 – Act 537

Comments received during the November 2012 comment period and the Township responses are available.

                   Act 537 Comments Nov 2012                                        

                Summary of comments with Township responses

The Act and maps are available as PDF files.

Act 537 September 2012 pages 1-66


Appendices A-G

Appendices H-L

Appendices M-P

Appendix R


  Map I-1 StudyArea

  Map II-1 CCHD Records

  Map II-2 Soil Suitability



  Map II-5 Water Supply & Net Lot Area

  Map II-6 Sewage Needs

  Map IV-1 Alternative A.2 Area

  Map IV-2 Low Pressure Sewer System Alternative


Prior Public Sewer Planning Information

Act 537 Update  – Public Meetings were held on  April 23 and April 30, 2012 –  at Bayard Rustin High School.  

For a map of the areas proposed for public sewer in the first phase of the new Act 537 plan under discussion, click here for Public Sewer extension map.  The areas shown in orange and blue are proposed for the first phase of the sewer extension program. 

To view the presentation from these meetings, click on Westtown Act 537 PP 043012 

Act 537 Addendum Files




Act 537 Plan

Act 537 is the Official Sewage Facilities Plan for Westtown Township. The purpose of any Act 537 Plan, which is a requirement of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Township by providing for the long term wastewater needs of those residents.  An Act 537 Plan should be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and other land use regulations of the Township and should be crafted to meet the specific wastewater needs of the municipality.  All Act 537 Plans must follow the same general format and include certain information as required by DEP. In accordance with DEP guidelines, the Westtown Township Act 537 Plan includes the following:

Specific to the needs of Westtown Township, the primary purpose of this Act 537 Plan is to evaluate the need to extend the existing centralized sewer service into areas currently served by individual on-lot systems, evaluate sewage collection and conveyance alternatives, evaluate sewage treatment and disposal alternatives and evaluate various management programs for those areas that will continue to rely on individual on-lot systems now and into the future.

In addition to each of the chapters listed above, you can access the documents and Maps listed below.

Act 537 Plan Forms


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