Sewer Information

2018 Public Sewer Rates

Residents on public sewer are served by two treatment facilities – the West Goshen Sewer (WGS) Plant and the Westtown Chester Creek Plant (WCC).  Residents are billed quarterly according to the rates listed below:

District Cost
WGS District 1 $205
WGS District 2 $185
WGS District 3 $205
WGS District 4 $185
WCC $195

Your quarterly sewer/trash can be paid online (Online Bill Pay), through automatic deduction to your bank account (ACH form), by mail, or at the Township Building.
For questions regarding your bill, email Sandi Preston ( or call 610.692.1930.

Sewer Maintenance

Residents are responsible for backups or clogs from your property to the connection in the street.  The proliferation of sanitary wipes has caused many clogs, and presents problems at sewage treatment facilities.  Despite being marketed as “flushable,” these wipes do NOT break down, and are not good for public sewer systems OR on-lot septic systems.  Wipes, cat litter, dental floss, feminine hygiene products can clog your sewer pipes and should not be flushed.  To view an informative video on how various materials break down after flushing, please click here:

Public Sewer Tap In

A tap in to the public sewer system is possible where there is existing gravity infrastructure.  An individual sewer lateral cannot tie into a force main of any size.  Low pressure sewage systems (grinder pumps) are permitted within the Township if they connect to a gravity main. Tap in fees vary depending on the sewer district in which the property is located.  The fee is $2,929.76 for sewer district 10 (WTCC) and $3,164.14 for all other districts.

Sewer laterals/mains may cross other property(ies). The applicant must first gain an easement recorded through the Chester County Recorder of Deeds.  Without a recorded easement, a sewer connection cannot be granted.

The International Plumbing Code governs from the building to the main in the street.  Normally, the owner of the public facility (Township) covers from the main to the right-of-way with the plumbing code ending at the right-of-way.

With any application for connection to the public sewer system, the Township requires a mandatory escrow of $2,000.00 to cover the costs associated with reviews and inspections by the Township Engineer.  Any balance in excess of the initial escrow amount is the responsibility of the applicant and will be collected on or before the issuance of the final Certificate of Occupancy.

The applicant should consult with a licensed professional for design and installation of the connection.  All engineering and construction costs associated with the actually tie in are the responsibility of the property owner.

Pennsylvania Act 537

The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) was enacted to address existing sewage disposal problems and prevent future problems. The act requires proper planning of all types of sewage facilities and is largely administered by individual municipalities and county health departments, with oversight by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The Township’s current Act 537 Plan, does not call for expansion of the public sewer system infrastructure within the Township.  Properties served by On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems (septic systems) are monitored by the On-Lot Sewage Management Program (SMP).  For more information about the SMP, please go to the On-Lot Management Program page.

Act 537 – September, 2012 

Act 537 September 2012 pages 1-66


Appendices A-G
Appendices H-L
Appendices M-P
Appendix R


Map I-1 StudyArea
Map II-1 CCHD Records
Map II-2 Soil Suitability
Map II-3 Age of Sewage Systems
Map II-5 Water Supply & Net Lot Area
Map II-6 Sewage Needs
Map IV-1 Alternative A.2 Area
Map IV-2 Low Pressure Sewer System Alternative

ACT 537 – DEP Response

A letter from DEP in response to our September, 2012 Act 537 submission and supplemental information submitted in December, 2012 and April, 2013 Act 537 was received by the Township on June 11, 2013.

DEP Response to Act 537 Plan 2013-06-07

Previous communication from DEP is provided below:

DEP April 3 2013 Act 537  

Act 537 Special Study – West Wynn I area

As part of the Township’s 537 plan, DEP required a Special Study of the West Wynn I area. The final draft of the Act 537 Plan Special Study submitted in September, 2013 and the Chester County Planning Commission review letter regarding the Special Study can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Public comment is now being accepted on the July 13, 2016 draft special study.  Comments will be accepted by for a 30-day period between August 15, 2016 and September 14, 2016.  Comments must be in writing and submitted to Robert Pingar via email to or by mail to the township office.

2016-07-13 West Wynn I Special Study Draft REDUCED
2013 West Wynn I Area – Act 537 Special Study
CCPC letter re West Wynn I Study

2014 Chapter 94 Wasteload Management Report for the Westtown Chester Creek service area

Chapter 94 Report Map
2014 Chapt. 94 section 1 – WGSA



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